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Semi-sized Xuan Rice Paper Thin(M) 27x18[semisized]

This thin semi-sized Xuan rice paper is half-absorbent and less bleeding than the unsized "raw" rice paper.  Semi-sized with an application of alum solution on the back or coarse side of the paper, whereas with the full-sized or "mature" rice paper both sides are sized, so it absorbs a little bit but not smear or bleed as the raw Xuan paper. Single ply weight, in cotton white and fine texture, it is suitable for painting flower and birds, figures, animals, and landscape painting. I highly recommend it for beginning students as a great practice paper, also for advanced artists to create their showpieces in spontaneous, boneless, Tarashi Komi(dripping water or white into still-drying ink or color) techniques.   

Sheet size: 27"x18" 

Sold in 10, 100 sheets, price varies with quantity. 

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