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Shikishi Hanging Silk Scroll #003 horizontal[sk_scroll003]

This silk brocade wall hanging scroll is specially designed for shikishi board. There are wood rods at the bottom for easy handling, storage or hanging. You may easily insert a shikishi onto it(see Henry's demo YouTube video below).

Silk Colors: Brown + Blue Grey (See picture)

Overall Scroll Size: 53"(135cm)x15"(37.5cm)
Mid-panel Size: 23"(58.5cm)x15"(37.5cm)

Fit 9 1/2" x 10 3/4" shikishi board

Available: in horizontal only

*Due to the nature of scroll, some waving is common when it's just unrolled and it will become flatter after hanging for a while.  


As Seen on YouTube:


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