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Short-handled Wrist Brush #3[Wrist_Brush#3]

This short-handled specialty brush is made of natural horse hair on the outside to hold moisture, and synthetic weasel hair on the inside with excellent resilience and flexibility to form either a pointed or a flat tip. It is a very versatile brush for painting the four gentlemen(bamboo, orchids, plum and chrysanthemum), flowers and birds, landscapes, or calligraphy. The short handle is made of ox horn with a very nice weight and very comfortable to hold and paint with. This short handled wrist brush is very easy to carry yet full functional as a fairly large painting and calligraphy brush



2-3/8(5.7cm) long x 3/4"(2.0cm) diameter; Handle Length: 3-1/2" (9.5cm)


Made in China  


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