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Simple and Clear Bamboo Painting Manual(E-Book)[BambooManual]

The Simple and Clear Bamboo Manual was first prepared by a scholar official painter Jiang Zuifeng as a birthday present to the Qianlong Emperor(1711-1799)  for his 80th birthday and it was kept in the Forbidden City in Beijing until 1856 when it was printed by a private book publisher and became a very classic textbook for bamboo painting. I have bought a copy published by Rong Bao Zhai, the most reputable publisher in traditional Chinese arts in 1980s, which was among my most treasured books. This book has run out of print and here is a digital copy of this Qing Dynasty manual. It is in PDF file format and you can download it immediately after purchase.



E-Book Dimension: 10" X 7.5" (Yes, it can be printed on computer paper.) 

Publisher Rong Bao Zhai

Publishing Date: 09/1988

ISBN 7-5003-00603/J.61


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