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Specialty Mixed Hair Brush by Master Xu Laosan[Mixed]

This specialty mixed brush combines the advantages of both stiff and soft hair as well as hemp fiber.

This versatile brushes to paint  orchid leaves, bamboo stalks, grape vines and lotus stems etc. It can also be used to write cursive style calligraphy. 



Size M:  1 -11/16"(4.3cm)L, 3/8"(1cm) diameter.

Size L: 1 -13/16"(4.9cm)L, 7/16"(1.1cm) diameter.


Brush handle 9" (*the woody brush handle may be different in color than the picture shown). 

As Seen on YouTube! This special edition brushes are handcrafted by Master Xu, Laosan.


Set of 2 [MixedHair_Both] $65.00 Quantity :
Large [MixedHair_L] $35.00 Quantity :
Medium [MixedHair_M] $30.00 Quantity :
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