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Red Star Sumi Ink a Japanese and Chinese Joint Venture[Red_Star_Ink]

  • 180cc(6.35  oz),  Bottle Height 6.25" (*The small one in the picture, large is sold out.)

  • Red Star Brand ink is made by a Chinese-Japanese Joint-venture in Anhui, China by the same company which produces the best Xuan rice paper.  
  • This is a high quality sumi ink suitable for professional calligrapher and painter.  
  • It can be used straight from the bottle for its extra black intensity or mixed with water to get a rich array of gray tones.
  • It is permanent, waterproof and lightfast. It dries quickly and won't run or bleed during repeated painting or wet-mounting.
  • It comes with a convenient horizontal dispenser. 
  • If the ink gets dry on the palette, just add water to melt it, and for better result add some peach sap glue to resituate it, so it can be used again.
  • It is odor free and scentless, with a nice flow on the brush for writing or painting and  easy to be rinsed off after using.  


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