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Step-by-step Calligraphy with Victoria 4 Zoom Classes 7/13-8/3[vic_lesson_X]

 One Hour Class x4 Tues Days

Tuesdays, 7/13-8/3, 2021 
Starting Time: 9am-10am Pacific
(12pm East, 6pm Europe, or 5pm BST) 

1) Step-by-Step demo and practice(0.5 hour) ;

2) Individual hands-on help(0.5 hours). 

In this 4-week one-hour Zoom class, Victoria will teach you the basic principles of Chinese calligraphy. You will learn the correct way to hold and load your brush, basic strokes, composition of whole characters, your name in signature style or any other text for inscribing your painting. 

Each lesson will learn two new characters in standard(print), walking(semi-cursive) and running(cursive) styles, starting from the character "Yong"(eternity). 

About the Instructor: Victoria started to learn how to write Chinese calligraphy at a very early age from her parents, who were both Chinese literature professors. She graduated from the Chinese literature and language department of Nanjing University and taught Chinese as a second language in Grinnell College, Western Washington University, and Pomona College. Her calligraphy work has won a prize in American Sumi-e Society's 2018 annual exhibition. 

This Zoom class is suitable for all levels Chinese calligraphy and painting students, as well as  Chinese language students.  


Recommended supplies list:

1) Magic Cloth(with stroke guide and plain); and

2) Convenient Ink Cake or bottled ink; or

3) Yuanshu bamboo paper or Semi-sized Xuan rice Paper; 

4) Combination brush, and/or General Wang's calligraphy brush(Small). 


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