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She Ink Stone with Cicada Lid(shodo inkstick included)[Cicada_Inkstone]

This inkstone is made from a whole piece of She stone from Anhui, China. It was hand-carved with tree trunk deco and a lid with cicada knob. The bottom is rounded, good for grinding ink with a small inkstick(included), or as a palette for bottled ink.


Inkstone Size: 3 3/4" outer dia; 3" inner dia; 1" tall.   


About She Inkstone  

She inkstone come from She County (Anhui Province) and Wuyuan County (Jiangxi Province). Both counties were under jurisdiction of the ancient She Prefecture of Huizhou during the Tang Dynasty when the She inkstone was first made. This stone is a variety of slate and like Duan stone is categorized by the various mines from which the stone was obtained historically. It has a black color and also displays a variety of gold-like markings. She inkstones were as good as the Duan stone. It comes with a shodo inkstick as shown in the picture. 

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