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Three Stem Triple Brushes (White/Brown)[BHA_3stem_brush]

These specially designed flat brushes have got a regular brush handle but with three brush heads combined into one flat shape. It provide more flexibility and better control than a flat-handled hake brush*. With more spring than the hake, the three thin brush heads are made of a mixture of natural and synthetic hairs and bounded together seamlessly, so it is resilient without split, and with excellent moisture holding capacity. It is excellent for painting large shapes or wet-into-wet soft washes. When the brush is getting dry you can also create nice texture strokes easily. Thank to the weight and feel of this brush, it is very inspiring to painting watercolor or sumi-e. You may load it with multiple colors or ink tones and deliver them in an Alla prima(direct painting) approach. 

*In Japan they are called “renpitsu” meaning continuous brush because the round handle makes it easy to create curves.  

2 versions available:

1) 7/8" White Hair. 7/8"(2.3cm) wide with 3 stems of brush heads, each measures 1-1/4"(3cm) long; 1/4"(0.7cm) diameter. Brush handle 8.5", Total length 10".

2) 1" Brown Hair. 1"(2.5cm) wide with three stems of brush heads, each measures 1-5/8" long; 1/4"(0.8 cm) diameter. Brush handle 9", total 10.5". 


It is one of Marina Ren's favorite brush: 

Both Both [marina_3_stem_brush_both] $85.00 Quantity :
brown brown [marina_3_stem_brush_brn] $55.00 Quantity :
white white [marina_3_stem_brush_wht] $45.00 Quantity :
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