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12 traditional Japanese painting color cakes[SumiColor12]

The following 12 traditional Japanese colors come in 1"x1 3/4" cakes in individual plastic dishes.

The twelve(12) basic colors are:


1. Red Ochre(No.45)

2. Black(No.12)

3. Carmine(No.50)

4. Indigo(No.19)

5. Vermillion(No.41)

6. Olive Green(No.29)

7. Rouge(No.46)

8. Chinese White(No. 11)

9. Viridian(No.31)

10. Lemon Yellow(No.35)

11. Yellow Ochre(No.40)

12. Cobalt Blue(No.23)


Made by the famous Boku-undo Co., Ltd. which has over 200 years of history, in Japan.


This exquisite traditional Japanese watercolor paints are suitable for both lightly and heavily colored sumi-e paintings. They can be mixed with sumi ink and water to create rich, subtle tones. For best effects, apply them on rice paper, mulberry paper or other Asian painting papers. It will not run or bleed during wet mounting.


Imported from Japan, we ship from California.  



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