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Unsized Double Xuan Rice Paper 18 cut sheets 13.5x18.5[doublexuan]

18 cut sheets, size: 13.5"x18.5" Thickness: 51GSM


  • Traditionally handmade with rice straw  and wild vine bark fibers in Jing County, Anhui Province, China.
  • It is made by pressing two layers of thin Xuan rice paper into one. 
  • In cotton white and fine texture, it is suitable for painting colorful flowers and birds, animals, as well as landscapes.
  • With a wonderful bound quality and forgiveness of excessive moisture, it is more absorbent but less smearing  than single Xuan rice paper, giving your brushstrokes more depth.
  • Our double Xuan is most popular among artists who come with a watercolor background. It works great for both beginning student and experienced artists in Chinese brush painting or sumi-e. 
  • Both sides can be used for painting, but the smooth side produces the most vivid colors and various tones of sumi ink.
  • Also can be used as backing paper, perfect for mounting or stretching.  


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