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3 Well Blue and White Porcelain Brush Washer[3_cell_Brush_Wash]

If you like to use colors with ink and want to keep your painting to look fresh and clean this three-sectioned brush basin is necessary. You may use the large well to wash your ink brush, one of small wells to wash your color brush and keep the other small well with clean water to dilute colors. If you like to do pure ink sumi-e painting, this 3 section water container is also very useful to keep your brush heel clean. You may wash your brush in the large section first, then wash it again in the second section, finally load the clean water from the third well to mix with ink. Sometimes you may use one of the sections as a color well for large quantity background color, or for store "special" waters such as glue and alum water.


The divider has got smooth lips and come with slopes so that you can use the diver wall to squeeze your brush to control the water load, adjust or shape your brush. I have learned from my teacher that you should not fill up the water well too high so to avoid dipping your brush too deep in the water while washing, otherwise the water will drip down along the wet brush handle into the bristle while you paint.

This traditional style brush basin is made of blue and white glaze ceramic with classical Chinese landscape patterns. 


6-1/2"(16.5cm) mouth diameter; 5-1/2"(14.5cm) bottom diameter; 2-1/2"(6.5cm) height.


It is decorated with classical landscape patterns.


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