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Rat Whisker Landscape Brush Signature Edition[Shuxu#2]

- Stiff Hair Brush made from whiskers of mouse.

- Suitable to draw landscape(rocks and trees), flower stems and veins, also good as a good calligraphy brush and a bamboo & orchid brush.

Brush size:  1"(2.5cm)L x 5/16"(0.8cm)D;  Handle 9-1/8"(23.5cm)L


Stiff hair brushes are usually made of weasel hair, generally known as the "wolf" hair brush. They are with sharp-pointed tip and spring back, so they used to draw calligraphic strokes or fine lines. The oldest brush discovered by archaeologists in China were all made of stiff hair, and the best-known stiff brush is the rat whisker brush, favored by Wang Xizhi, the fourth century calligrapher. It is believed that he wrote his most famous "Preface to the Poems Composed at the Orchid Pavilion" with a rat whisker brush. Here I have special requested this rat whisker brush from Master Xu according to the legend of Wang Xizhi and included in the student value pak for my online painting class.


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