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Yiwen Garment Contour Outline Brush Set[YiWen3]

The Yiwen("garment wrinkles") brush is made of wolf hair. It is flexible enough to draw fine lines in people's garments. You can use it as an all-purpose detail brush. This set includes three sizes: S, M, and L


Size L: Bristle length: 11/16"(1.7cm), diameter: 1/8"(0.3cm); handle length: 6-3/4"(17cm)

Size M: Bristle length: 5/8"(1.5cm), diameter: 3/32"(0.2cm); handle length: 6-3/4"(17cm)

Size S: Bristle length: 5/8"(1.3cm), diameter: 1/16"(0.18cm); handle length: 6-3/4"(17cm)


All 3 All 3 [YW3] $10.00 Quantity :
Lg Lg [YWLg] $5.50 Quantity :
Md Md [YWMd] $4.50 Quantity :
Sm Sm [YWSm] $3.50 Quantity :
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