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Artful Orchids 2024 Calendar by Victoria Li (Thank-you Gift)[Victoria_2024_Calendar]

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Victoria Li brings over thirty years of teaching experience to her diverse roles as an artist and educator. She has taught Chinese language at prestigious institutions, including Nanjing University, Grinnell College, Western Washington University, and the Claremont Colleges. While teaching, Victoria also nurtured her passion for Chinese painting and calligraphy as a hobby. 
Her work, particularly a calligraphy piece titled "High Mountain Flowing Water," earned her the Innovation Award at the 55th Annual Juried Exhibition hosted by the Sumi-e Society of America in 2018. 
In recent years, Victoria has shifted her focus to conducting workshops on calligraphy and Gongbi elaborate painting. These workshops are offered as Zoom classes through Blue Heron Arts, where she also serves as an instructor. Victoria's home garden serves as a fertile ground for her artistry; she maintains a variety of flowers that often feature as models in her paintings and teaching sessions. 
Her latest project, the "Artful Orchids 2024 Calendar," showcases a collection of Cymbidium orchids, each painted on silk in a distinct style that is uniquely hers.

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Dimension 12" x12" (open size: 12"x24") 

Color Plates  
Wall Calendar

Published by Blue Heron Arts Co. 2023. 

Date: October 10, 2023

ISBN 979-8-218-28780-1

Description: Step into a world of botanical beauty with 'Artful Orchids 2024 Calendar' by Victoria Li. This exquisite wall calendar is not just a timekeeper but a celebration of orchids, one of nature's most captivating flowers. Showcasing twelve meticulously painted silk artworks, each created using traditional Chinese brush, ink, and watercolor techniques, this calendar reveals the diverse and intricate world of orchids. From the subtle intricacies of their patterns to the vibrant palette of their petals, 'Artful Orchids' offers a fresh perspective on this classic flower. 
Each month presents a different orchid species, further enriched by concise and informative descriptions that illuminate their unique names and characteristics. Serving as both a visually arresting wall decoration and an educational journey through the realm of orchids, this calendar is printed on premium-quality paper to ensure durability and optimal viewing. Its layout is thoughtfully designed for effortless marking and planning. 
Whether you're an orchid aficionado, a flower enthusiast, or someone who simply appreciates the intersection of fine art and nature, 'Artful Orchids' provides an inspiring and organized way to journey through 2024. It also serves as a thoughtful gift for any occasion.

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