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Artgeology Landscape Paintings by Kang Yuyi[ArtGeology]


A Collections of Artgeology Paintings by Kang Yuyi (Artgeology in Practice) 

Publisher: Nanjing University Press

Publishing Date: 12.2012 

ISBN 978-7-305-10575-3

135 Pages of Color Plates  

In Chinese with English Translations of Prefaces and Afterword.


About the Author 

Professor Kang Yu-yi 康育义, also known by his pseudonym Shanyan 山岩 and Daiyunshanren 戴云山人, is a master artist of Traditional Chinese Landscape Painting(TCLP). He is the founder of Artgeology - a branch derived from art and geology - and the father of Geological Landscape Painting. He is a professor in geology and fine art, the only scholar at NanJing University, China who owns two professor titles.

Prof. Kang was born in Yongchun County, Fujian Province, China in 1937. He graduated from the Geology Department, Nanjing University in 1959, and pursued a teaching career at Nanjing University ever since. In 1965, he systematically studied TCLP with Master Xu Gongze, a very famous artist of Jiangsu Province. Since 1985, Prof Kang focused his attention on tourism as a new component in the national economy. During his research on mapping the tourist resources, he discovered new area where is could use his training and passion: scenic spot painting or geological landscape painting. He became the pioneer of making landscape painting serve regional economy and created the interdisciplinary field of “Art-geology”. Prof Kang was thus praised as “the designer of a golden bridge between science and art”. 

Prof Kang is specialized in Paleontology and Stratigraphy, and well-trained in traditional Xieyi free-style Chinese landscape painting, he applies his knowledge of geological structure and characteristics of natural landscape in different climate zones to his artworks and created impressionistic landscape paintings that covey the  majestic and the beautiful through the eye of a geologist that is unique in the art of Chinese painting. He has received much praises from domestic and oversea critics.

Prof Kang has hitherto published 11 books, including The Origin of Life and  Evolution, An Album of Landscape Paintings of Tourist Resources in Guizhou, A Collection of Kang Yu-yi’s Paintings of the Tourist Resources of Tekes , Xinjiang, Yongchun Fujian Province, Artgeology and Chinese Painting etc. 

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