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Blank Hanging Silk Scroll 29"x11" SM-016 Green Gold[sm_scr_Green_Gold]


This silk brocade decorated wall hanging scroll is made of blank rice paper for Chinese brush painting(sumi-e) or calligraphy. There are wood rods at the bottom for easy handling, storage or hanging. You may paint or write directly on the pre-mounted plain rice paper area, or dry-mount your art works onto it with silicone paper(see Henry's demo YouTube video below). Silk scrolls have been used to preserve and present watercolor or ink painting and calligraphy for thousands of years in China and Asian countries. Many ancient masterpieces mounted this way could be seen in museums. It is very convenient to carry, store and display.


Painting Area Size: 8"x12"(20cm x 30cm)

Scroll Size: 11"x29"(28cm x 74cm)

Silk Color: Green Gold(See picture) 

*Due to the usage of scroll, some waving is common when it's just unrolled and it will become flatter after hanging for a while. Optional tung wood boxes are available at additional cost.    


Here is the YouTube Demo of Dry -Mounting a Chinese Brush Painting on the Scroll:


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