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Custom Chinese Seal Design Service(digital Only)[00SealDesign]


*This does NOT include carving service. If you also want me to carve your seal, please order it here .


This item is for those who need a digital seal only or for those who want to carve the seal themselves but want Henry Li to create a seal design for them. This includes translation of your name or phrases into 1-4 Chinese characters and with one(1) seal script design version in both positive(yang) and negative(yin) carving styles. 

*If you want more than four characters it will be considered as multiple seals. 

**  Square or rectangular shape seals only. If you want round or odd shape design other than square or rectangular, the rate would be doubled(consult me first before placing your order).

***You may have chance to give your feedback on the initial design and request up to three rounds of modifications. 

**** You may send reference pictures in indicate what style you like. However, since the characters are very different from each other the style your preferer may not be possible to mimic.


Multiple Version Discount:

You may get a quantity discount when you order second and third version designs of the same content. You must order the first version at regular price at the same time you order additional versions in order to get this discount.


Q: How do I transfer the design onto the stone?

A: 1)You need to print out the design on a black and white laserjet printer or Zrox copy machine. 2)You need to buy pure acetone nail polish remover from a cosmetic supply store. Sand the seal stone and place the printed coupon facing down. Dampen the backside of the paper with acetone and press hard before it dries. 


Q: What if I can not complete the carving job and want Henry to do the carving?  

A: In that case please placing a carving order here


*You need to purchase a stone from Blue Heron Arts or mail your stone in if the stone was bought from BHA before.   





Normally it will take three days to a week to deliver depending on the time of communication with you. The final design will be emailed to you as a PhotoShop file and as JPeg images.   


Please select the number of design versions below to proceed with your order. Thanks!

*This does NOT include carving service. If you also want me to carve your seal, please order it here .


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