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Hyacinths Gongbi Painting Workshop with Victoria Li on April 16, 2024[Gongbi_Hyacinths_Class]


Time: April 16, 2024, from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm PST (3.5 hours) (12pm East, 5pm UK, 6pm Europe)

Dive into spring with Victoria Li through Gongbi-painted hyacinths. Our workshop, titled "The Messenger of Spring Wind," celebrates the seasonal beauty of hyacinths, chosen for their symbolic representation of spring's renewal. Our theme, 春風信子 (Chun1 feng1 xin4 zi3), is a pun: the Chinese name for hyacinths, 風信子, literally means "wind messenger." By prefixing it with "Spring," it symbolizes spring's arrival, perfectly aligning with our workshop's focus.

Hyacinths, especially in their rare blue hues, embody the color of the sky, offering a distinctive palette seldom found in nature. Inspired by the works of Tian Shiguang (1916-1999), we selected this subject for its unique challenge and beauty. His masterpieces, featuring blue hyacinths against an orange-yellow contrast, provide a rich source of inspiration, teaching us the subtleties of color theory and composition.

Our journey begins with a calligraphy practice session covering four styles: Standard, Walking, Cursive, and Clerical. This foundational exercise will hone our brush control and refine our line quality, essential skills for the meticulous craft of Gongbi painting. Participants will gain a deep understanding of the interplay between brushwork and ink, setting the stage for the detailed and vibrant portrayal of hyacinths.

In this workshop, participants will immerse themselves in the fundamentals of Gongbi painting, a traditional Chinese art form celebrated for its precision and grace. Under the guidance of Victoria Li, you'll learn how to depict the soft gradients of hyacinth petals and the dynamic contrast of their leaves, bringing the beauty and serenity of spring to life. This class is designed for artists at all levels, offering a unique opportunity to engage with traditional techniques while exploring the poetic beauty of hyacinths.

Class Logistics: Join us on Tuesday, April 16, 2024, from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm PST for this enchanting workshop. The class will be conducted via Zoom, allowing participants the flexibility to join from anywhere. Detailed handouts and materials will be provided upon registration, ensuring that all participants are fully prepared to embark on this artistic journey. Whether you are looking to refine your existing skills or embark on a new artistic endeavor, this workshop offers a profound experience in the art of Gongbi painting, infused with the spirit of spring.

Embark on this unique exploration of traditional art, where the timeless beauty of hyacinths and the elegance of Gongbi painting converge, marking the arrival of spring with every brushstroke.

 Supplies List (The cost are not included in the class fee. Please click on the links to order.)

  1. None-absorbent Sized Xuan Paper: For each workshop, we will use 2 pieces of 13.5’’x 9" sized Xuan paper. Cicada-wing-sized-xuan is highly recommended for easy tracing and getting sharper lines:
  2. Brushes:
  3. Color and ink:
  4. LED Light box: A4 size (optional)

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