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Lesson 20: Red-Crowned Cranes (DVD)[DVD_L_20]


Lesson 20 is on Red-Crowned Cranes in Sumi or Chinese brush painting. Cranes are symbols for happiness and longevity. My wife Victoria has an interesting explanation to crane's health and longevity - it is because they take the deepest breath. Believe or not, let's take some deep breath and get ready to paint some cranes. (*To join Henry Li's online Chinese brush painting class, please click here . )

This lesson includes detailed instructions on how to paint crane's head and neck, legs and feet, as well as wings and tail; two complete demo paintings by Henry and you will also learn lots of do's and don'ts from Henry's hands-on demo with Zoe, a visiting student. In addition, Victoria will show you how to write the character "Crane" in Chinese calligraphy, and you also learn how to dry-mount the finished painting with silicone paper at the end of this video class.   

Video Length: 2 hours


1) Watch the class videos and study the reference images in handouts and draw some sketch of cranes on palm size paper using any pen, pencil or brush. You may draw the head and feet separately first and then the body, wings and tail.

2) Choose one of your sketches in assignment 1 as base for this practice. Use a piece of 18"x27" or larger size single Xuan paper, and start with a very light sketch with soft willow charcoal sticks(get from any art supplies store). Make sure you have enough space for the head and feet. You may also use a piece of news print or drawing paper to draw a sketch and put it under the Xuan paper to trace it.

Paint the painting with brush, ink and watercolor as shown in the videos.

3) If you make a mistake, use the abandoned painting paper to practice the failed strokes or part several times, until you feel more comfortable to give another try on a new piece of paper. You may also cut a large failed painting into small pieces to practice.



Diagrams and finished paintings seen in the video are included in the handouts.


  This is the DVD version. Click here to order the Download version. 


Here is the the introduction part of Lesson 20. Enjoy watching!


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