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Lidded Ink Stone with Water Trench to Prevent Ink Drying[Guma_Inkstone]


Crafted from natural stone, this lidded inkstone features a raised central palette and an outer trench designed to prevent ink from drying out. It is suitable for use with both bottled liquid ink and grinding ink.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Pour liquid ink from the bottle into the central palette. If needed, further grind the ink on the central palette to create a thicker concentrate.
  2. After use, fill the outer trench with clean water and place the lid on the inkstone to keep the remaining ink from drying out for up to 10-14 days.

Inkstick and inkstones are two of the "Four Treasures" found in a traditional Chinese scholar's studio, alongside brushes and paper.

Inkstones are an essential and subtly beautiful aspect of Chinese culture. Typically dark or black in color, their understated appearance belies their importance in the artistic process. Inkstones serve as a stone mortar for grinding and containing ink, working in harmony with inksticks to create the perfect consistency. This lidded inkstone with a water trench helps to maintain the ink's moisture for over ten days, reducing the need to wash the inkstone after each use.


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