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Liu-style Chinese Calligraphy Copybook with Classic Poems[LiuZiTie]


Liu Gongquan (simplified Chinese: 柳公权; traditional Chinese: 柳公權; pinyin: Liǔ Gōngquán; Wade-Giles: Liu Kungch'üan) (778-865), courtesy name Chengxuan (诚悬), was a Chinese calligrapher who stood with Yan Zhenqing as the two great masters of late Tang calligraphy.

A minister like Yan of the Tang dynasty, Liu was a native of today's Tongchuan, Shaanxi, a devout Buddhist and follower of Yan's style of writing. Like him an expert of the regular script, Liu's works were imitated for centuries after and he is often referred in unison with his famed predecessor as "Yan-Liu".


This is a standard Liu-style copybook. The content of the book are 18 classical poems from the Tang and Song Dynasties written in the most famous Tang calligrapher Liu Gongquan's style. You can learn how to write the Chinese characters one in reference to the writing grid and then put them together into the various calligraphy "templates" that are provided in the book, a vertical strip, or a horizontal roll, for instances.

It was used as an official text book by many school teachers in China as the intro level copybook for Chinese calligraphy students.


Page 71

Dimension 7.5" X 13"

Character 2.5"

Style Zhen-Kai(standard, "standing")

ISBN 978-7-80635-882


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