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Mica-Sized Single Xuan Rice Paper - 12 small sheets (8.75"x12.5")[sized_Xuan_w_mica]


Elevate your Gongbi Chinese painting with our premium mica-sized Xuan rice paper. Handmade in Jing county, Anhui, China, our Xuan rice paper is traditionally crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Each bundle includes 12 pre-cut sheets of our premium Xuan rice paper, sized at 8.75"x12.5" to provide practice paper for our gongbi workshop needs. Our Xuan rice paper is treated with alum size, making it non-absorbent and preventing bleeding and smudging of your brush strokes.

Our mica-sized Xuan rice paper features a surface treated with mica mineral powder, providing delicate flickering effects to your ink and colors. In strong light or sun, the mica sparkles, enhancing the beauty of your artwork.

Designed for elaborated style or Gongbi Chinese painting, our Xuan rice paper has been used by famous Chinese artists. See for yourself the exquisite results possible with our sample lotus flower painting.

With a pH-neutral and archival quality, our Xuan rice paper is guaranteed to last for generations. Invest in the traditional craftsmanship of our mica-sized Xuan rice paper and elevate your Gongbi Chinese painting to new heights. Order yours today in your desired quantity.


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