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Mood Seal #355 Idea Writing or Xie-yi[mood#355]


Carved with precision and care, our "Idea Writing" (Xie-yi 寫意) mood seal embodies the spirit of free-style and spontaneous painting. Crafted from high-quality Qingtian Stone, this seal is a perfect complement for various art forms, including flowers and birds, animals, and figures in Chinese brush painting.

Meaning: The characters "寫意" (Xie-yi) translate to "Idea Writing," representing a distinctive approach in Chinese brush painting known for its free-style and spontaneous nature. It emphasizes expressing ideas and impressions with fluidity and grace, rather than focusing solely on meticulous details. This mood seal serves as a reminder to artists to capture the essence and movement of their subjects in a sweeping and expressive manner.

Size: Measuring at 1-3/16" (3.0cm) in width and 5/8" (1.5cm) in height, with a depth of 1 1/2" (4cm), this mood seal combines artistic aesthetics with practicality. It enhances your artwork by embracing the freedom and creativity of Idea Writing.

Material: Carved from authentic Qingtian Stone, celebrated for its durability and suitability for intricate carvings, this mood seal embodies the essence of Idea Writing and artistic expression.

A Celebration of Freedom in Art: "Idea Writing" (Xie-yi 寫意) represents the artist's journey to break free from constraints and embrace the beauty of spontaneous creativity. It encourages artists to focus on capturing the spirit and movement of their subjects rather than rigidly adhering to details.

Storage/Gift Box: Your "Idea Writing" (Xie-yi 寫意) mood seal is elegantly presented in a Brocade Silk Box, serving both as a protective storage container and a beautiful presentation box. This makes it an excellent gift for artists and individuals who appreciate the freedom and spontaneity of art in their lives.


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