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Painting Bird: Traditional Gongbi Techniques with Victoria Li 07/16[Pipa_Bird_Calss]

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Date: July 16, 2024
Time: 9:00 am to 12:30 pm PST (3.5 hours) (12 pm ET, 5 pm UK, 6 pm Europe)
Location: Online via Zoom and Unlimited Access to Class Recording 

Immerse yourself in the sophisticated world of Gongbi painting with renowned artist Victoria Li. This workshop, inspired by the Southern Song Dynasty masterpiece "Loquat and Embroidered Feathers Painting," focuses on the meticulous techniques of feather painting and the vibrant portrayal of birds.

What You Will Learn:

  • Technique Focused: Victoria will teach you how to paint those feathery creatures using traditional Gongbi stylizations instead of copying from a photograph. You'll learn ancient Chinese methods, like turning a realistic bird's eye into a classic circular motif with a central dot—a technique refined over a millennium to convey varied expressions.
  • Methodical Approach: Discover the unique brush strokes necessary for different parts of the bird—from the head to the tail. Unlike the smooth lines used for flowers, the textured strokes for birds create a lifelike fluffiness, essential for achieving realism in your artwork. 
  • Color Application: Master the sequence of applying colors to enhance the texture and vibrancy of feathers, crucial for Gongbi painting's distinct aesthetic.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Hand-on Instruction: Victoria will lead you to practice feathering strokes at the beginning of the class to ensure you master the basic techniques.  
  • Interactive Guidance: Receive personalized feedback and tips from Victoria throughout the session, allowing you to refine your techniques and enhance your artistic expression.
  • Creative Application: After mastering the bird, extend your artwork by adding fruit tree branches at your own pace, applying what you’ve learned to create a complete and harmonious composition.
  • Flexible Online Access: Join this creative endeavor from anywhere via Zoom, offering a comfortable and personalized learning environment.

Prepare to delve deeply into Gongbi artistry, where you’ll not only replicate traditional beauty but also integrate your personal artistic interpretation. This workshop is perfect for artists eager to refine their detailed painting skills and celebrate the intricate beauty of nature.

Supplies List (Costs not included in the class fee. Click links to order):

  1. Non-absorbent Sized Xuan Paper or Cicada Wing Sized Xuan paper
  2. Brushes: Seven-wolf-three-sheep brush, and BHA liner Brush
  3. Basic brushes
  4. Marie’s 12 color tubes
  5. Ink

Secure your spot today and experience the unique fusion of historical artistry and personal creativity in the art of Gongbi bird painting.

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