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Wenzhou Mulberry Rice Paper Roll 18"(45cm) x 25M[wenzhou]


Introducing our Wenzhou Mulberry Rice Paper Roll, measuring at 18 inches (46cm) in width and 27 yards (25m) in length. Made from mulberry bark fiber, this paper is perfect for Sumi-e or Chinese brush painting and is also suitable for inkjet printing, calligraphy, mounting, book binding, block printing, rubbing, stamping, kite making, lantern making, window covering, collage, and more. This paper has been used as an underglaze transfer for ceramics and as an under paint transfer for surfboard decoration, highlighting its versatility for artists and craftsmen alike.

Known for its strength and durability, this Chinese rice paper is suitable for most water-based art media, including watercolors and fluid acrylics. Its pure white, soft yet rough surface is ideal for woodcut or lino block printing, calligraphy, and drawing. This premium quality unsized Wenzhou rice paper is PH neutral and archival, and is often referred to as the "king of all papers" due to its ability to last a thousand years. It is resistant to aging and worms and absorbs and smears evenly, ensuring a high-quality finish for your artwork.

The Wenzhou rice paper roll is also very convenient to carry around, and can be easily cut or torn into any size you need for each project. Experience the durability and versatility of our Wenzhou Mulberry Rice Paper Roll for your next art project and unlock its limitless possibilities.



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