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Recording of Water Lily Gongbi Painting Workshop with Victoria DOWNLOAD[Waterlily_Class]


This is a recording of Gongbi Chinese Brush Painting Workshop - Water Lily. You may download the class handouts with video downloading links and receive email critique on your finished practice.    

Date: August 22, 2023

Time: 9:00 am - 12:30 pm PST (3.5 hours)

Time Zone Conversions: 12 pm East, 4 pm UK, 5 pm Europe

Class Description:   
Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Gongbi painting with Victoria Li as your guide in a workshop dedicated to the elegance of Water Lilies. Much like the lotus, water lilies hold deep symbolism and share a harmonious connection with Chinese painting techniques. Join us as we explore the captivating beauty of these aquatic blossoms and translate their essence onto paper.

Water lilies, gracefully emerging from muddy waters yet remaining pure, symbolize resilience, transformation, and inner peace. This sentiment, reminiscent of the quote attributed to Buddha, "May I live like lotus at ease with muddy water," reflects the essence of Buddhist philosophy. In the art of Gongbi painting, we embody this philosophy by skillfully depicting the intricate details of water lilies, capturing their essence and symbolism in each brushstroke.

In addition to Gongbi painting, we will also touch upon the art of Chinese calligraphy. The poetic title "出淤泥而不染" (Emerging from the mud yet remaining pure) will be our inspiration as we explore the four main styles of Chinese calligraphy: Regular Script (楷书), Running Script (行书), Grass Script (草书), and Clerical Script (隶书). These styles are a testament to the rich heritage of Chinese calligraphy and its ability to convey both meaning and aesthetic beauty through the strokes of the brush.

Under Victoria's expert instruction, you will employ the Gongbi technique to bring these exquisite flowers to life. The Gongbi style, characterized by its meticulous brushwork and vibrant colors, will enable you to depict the serene elegance of water lilies in all their glory.

Through step-by-step guidance, you'll master the art of brush control, ink application, and color layering, breathing life into your artwork. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, this workshop welcomes participants of all skill levels. A supplies list, including premium brushes, paints, and paper, will be provided on the registration page to ensure you have everything you need for your creative journey.

Workshop Details:

Date: August 22, 2023   
Time: 9:00 am - 12:30 pm PST (3.5 hours)   
Time Zone Conversions: 12 pm East, 4 pm UK, 5 pm Europe   
Venue: Online via Zoom (Recording available for future reference)

Join us for an immersive artistic experience that combines the grace of water lilies with the timeless Gongbi technique. Victoria Li will be your guiding light as you create your masterpiece, embodying the tranquility and symbolism of "出淤泥而不染" (Emerging from the mud yet remaining pure).

Secure your place today to embark on this creative journey. Upon registration, you'll receive class handouts and the Zoom access code before the session. All participants will also be granted access to the class recording for unlimited future viewing.

Let the strokes of your brush echo the serenity of water lilies as you join Victoria Li's Gongbi Chinese Brush Painting Workshop on August 22. Reserve your spot now and awaken your artistic spirit in the company of fellow art enthusiasts.

For inquiries and registration, please contact us.

Supplies List (The cost are not included in the class fee. Please click on the links to order.)

  1. None-absorbent Sized Xuan Paper: For each workshop, we will use 2 pieces of 13.5’’x 9" sized Xuan paper. 
  1. Brushes:
  2. Color and ink:
  3. LED Tracing Light Pad: A4 size (optional)

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