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Set of 3 Calame Bamboo Reed Pens[Bamboo_Pen]


As one of the oldest writing and drawing tool, the bamboo pen, also known as a "reed" pen or "Calame", is a dip pen made of bamboo that can produce an emotive stroke of great variety and power. Many famous and expressive drawings by Picasso, Van Gogh, and Matisse were done with bamboo pens and these type of pens have always been popular with professional illustrators and designers.  This BHA bamboo pen is special designed for the sumi artists and handcrafted by a experienced bamboo master in Sichuan, China. This bamboo dip pen is made to be used primarily with Sumi ink, but they can be used with any water-based media. Watercolors, gouache, liquid acrylic, acrylic gouache, acrylic inks, Sumi and India inks, liquid watercolors, and other viscous liquid paints may all be used for a great variety of effects. Although the bamboo pen is designed primarily as a drawing instrument, the pen offers interesting calligraphy and artistic painting possibilities and can be easily customized with blades and sandpaper for unique special effects. It is also ideal for incising on ceramics, pottery, reliefs and sculpture as well. Its 3mm point delivers a highly quality robust line that offers many expressive possibilities.


X-Large size: Diameter: ~1-1/4"(3cm); ~7-3/4"(19.5cm)

Large size: Diameter: ~ 7/8(2.2cm); ~10"(25.5cm)

Medium size: Diameter: ~1/2 "(1.2 cm); Length: ~7 "(17.5 cm).


Handmade in Sichuan, China

Set of 3 Set of 3 [Calame_All] $14.99 Quantity :
L L [Calame_L] $5.99 Quantity :
M M [Calame_M] $5.99 Quantity :
XL XL [Calame_XL] $5.99 Quantity :
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