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Tang-style Rabbit Hair Combination Brush with Extra Fine Tip[Chanzhi_Jigu]


1"(2.8cm) long, 1/2"(1.2cm) diameter; Handle: 8-1/5"(22cm) 



This special combination brush was used by the Buddhist monks for writing the elegant sutra scrolls discovered in Dunhuang Buddhist caves from the Tang Dynasty(618-906). On the inside, there is a hidden hardcore made of a special absorbent material as a raised ferrule to hold a extra fine brush tip of black rabbit hairs(see picture below); and on the outside, there are the soft white rabbit hairs to load ink. It is designed to do fine strokes with a long lasting ink flow. It is good for writing small character calligraphy, signature, or draw fine-line for Gongbi painting. The bamboo brush handle is quite thick for a steady grip. 


Question and Answer:

1. What's the difference between this Tang-style combination brush and other combination brushes, say "seven-wolf and three--sheep" brush?

A: The shape is different from all other combination brushes, the "reservoir" is bigger than the seven-wolf brush so it last longer and do not to interrupt your writing for reloading.    

The tip is smaller and thinner than the seven wolf or other brushes so it is more flexible and can write more diversified strokes in thickness while the "reservoir" would never touch the paper.   

The brush handle is thicker than all other small brushes, so it feels more stable.      

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