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Whisker Outline Brush Set of 3[Rat_Whisker_Liner]


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Large: Bristle length: 1-1/4"(3.1cm), diameter: 3/16"(0.4cm); handle length: 8-7/8"(22.5cm) 
Medium: Bristle length: 1"(2.6cm), diameter: 1/8"(0.3cm); handle length: 8-7/8"(22.5cm) 
Small: Bristle length: 3/4"(2.0cm), diameter: 1/8"(0.3cm); handle length: 8-7/8"(22.5cm)


Whisker outline brushes are different version from our popular BHA whisker detail brush. Pointed, springing and flexible, it now comes in three sized for all kinds of lining stroke functions such as drawing electrical lines and poles. 

- The traditional name of this brush is Shuxu or "whiskers of a mouse". The hairs are actually from domestic animals such as rabbits. No rats are killed. The traditional Chinese brush name here only indicates the type of brush, similar to "wolf brush"(stiff brush), "sheep brush"(soft brush). 

- Draw whiskers of a cat, tigers and any fine lines such as weeping willow branches.


Here is a customer's comment of these brushes:  


I recently purchased several brushes and supplies from Blue Heron Arts. Just finished using one of the rat whisker outline brushes (set of three).

The brush is so responsive! It's hard to explain but the brush seems to wish to make good strokes. They are clean, delicate when they should be, but do fine calligraphic curves almost without effort; once in the curve the bristles by nature recover and complete the curve on their own. My job is to be attentive, and not to swipe without purpose.

I've not painted much, and never have painted at all with such an excellent tool. It is already cherished.

Many thanks indeed,


All 3 sizes All 3 sizes [3_Whisker_Liners] $12.99 Quantity :
Large only Large only [L_Whisker_Liner] $6.99 Quantity :
Medium only Medium only [M_Whisker_Liner] $5.99 Quantity :
Small only Small only [S_Whisker_Liner] $4.99 Quantity :
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