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Antique Colored Xuan Rice Paper 27x55[antique]

This antique colored rice paper is traditionally handmade from Qintan or Than trees(Pteroceltis Tatarinowii Maxim) fiber. It is not from bamboo as the Yuanshu paper. Its absorbency is very similar to the regular white Xuan paper.

  • PH neutral and archival
  • Perfect for Sumi-e or Chinese brush painting
  • Good for both Chinese Painting and Calligraphy

Paper Size: 55"(140cm) x 27" (68cm)

Color: Antique Grey


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Sold in bundle of 10, 50 or 100 sheets. Please see prices below with quantity discount.  

10 sheets 10 sheets [antiqueX10] $35.00 Quantity :
100 sheets 100 sheets [antiqueX100] $225.00 Quantity :
50 sheets 50 sheets [antiqueX50] $125.00 Quantity :
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