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Fu Baoshi Landscape Mountain Horse and Goat Mix Brush[Mixed_Fu]

As Seen on YouTube! This is the second improved edition of this specialty brush which now comes in two different sizes. With a mixture of goat, wolf and mountain horse hairs, they are designed to deliver the split bristle brushstrokes in Fu Baoshi style landscape painting.

This versatile brushes is good for painting ricks and trees, pine tree barks, grape vines with bristle texture and "flying whites". 


Size Small:  1 -11/16"(4.3cm)L, 3/8"(1cm) diameter.

Size Large: 2-3/8(6cm)L;  1/2"(1.3cm) diameter.


Brush handle 9"  

This limited edition brushes are handcrafted by Master Xu, Laosan.


S and L S and L [MixedFu_2] $54.95 Quantity :
L L [MixedFu_L] $34.95 Quantity :
S S [MixedFu_S] $28.95 Quantity :
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