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Basic Five(5) Chinese Painting Brushes for CBP[5basic_brush]


Five basic brushes for Chinese paintings or Sumi-e


1) Refined soft goat hair brush. 100% goat or sheep hair with great loading capability and pointed nature tip. Bristle length 1-1/2" and 3/8" diameter, with bamboo handle total brush length 11". This goat brush is good for painting spontaneous strokes like flower petals and leaves.   

2) Wolf hair stiff brush: bristle length 1-1/4", 5/16" diameter, total length 10". As a good liner, it is commonly used for calligraphic strokes such as bamboo and orchid. It is one of the three basic brushes.

3) Small weasel hair stiff brush. Bristle length 3/4", 1/8" diameter, 8" long total with bamboo handle. This brush serves as a small liner. As its name "Ye Jing"("Leaf Vein") suggests, it is commonly used for defining veins on leaves and drawing of other details. It is also known as a "Happy Dot" brush.  You may use it as a signature brush to sign your paintings.  It is suitable to draw landscape(rocks and trees), flower stems and veins, also good as good calligraphy brush.

4) Rat Whisker Landscape Brush. Size:  1"(2.5cm)L x 5/16"(0.8cm)D;  Handle 9-1/8"(23.5cm)L. Stiff hair brushes are usually made of weasel hair, generally known as the "wolf hair" brush. They are with sharp-pointed tip and spring back, so they used to draw calligraphic strokes or fine lines. The oldest brush discovered by archaeologists in China were all made of stiff hair, and the best-known stiff brush is the rat whisker brush, favored by Wang Xizhi, the fourth-century calligrapher. It is believed that he wrote his most famous "Preface to the Poems Composed at the Orchid Pavilion" with a rat whisker brush. Here I have specially requested this rat whisker brush from Master Xu according to the legend of Wang Xizhi and included in the student value pack for my online painting class.

 5) Goat or Sheep Hair Super Wash Brush 

This 2" long goat hair soft calligraphy brush is made of goat or sheep hair with a synthetic hair core. Its long bristle provides a wide range for multiple color loading. It is a superb calligraphy and painting brush for washing flower petals or landscape background. The ferrule is ox-horn and the handle is of bamboo.   


Size: 2"(5.2cm) long, 7/8"(1.2cm) diameter; Handle: 9 1/2"(24cm)




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