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Black Sable Stallion Brush by Xu Laosan[Black_Stallion]

It is slightly stiffer and more rugged than Red Sable, but still gives the painter the benefits of Red Sable; its stiffness allows for bristle-like but smoother strokes. Black sable Brushes have great ink-carrying capacity, and is excellent for delicate color blending. It is a favorite among portrait and figure painters, landscape painters, flower painters, animal and birds painters. 


Personally I'd use this brush to paint winter trees, flower stems and veins. My watercolor Robert Sherrill loved the versatility that is adaptable to many different situations and tasks and called it his "Black Stallion". 


Size: Tip Size 1-3/8"(3.5cm) x 5/16" Handle length 9-1/8"





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