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The Go-to Brush of Stiff Raccoon Hair by master Xu Laosan[RACOON_YMXY]

Size:  Tip length 2"(5cm) Diameter 7/16"(1.1cm), Handle length 9-1/4"(23cm)

This raccoon hair brush is resilient, with good point retention and flexibility. The bristle texture is finer than badger but rougher than ox-ear hair. It is an excellent brush that can be used to do bamboo leaves and stalks, orchid blades, and plum tree trunks and rocks. If you like you can also use it to paint split-brush strokes in Fu Baoshi style. 


Specially ordered from Master Xu Laosan with his signature on the brush handle. It is recommended to both serious beginners and experienced Chinese brush painting or sumi artist. 


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