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DVD - Capture the Spirit of Roses in Chinese Brush Painting[Rose_DVD]

This DVD includes seven painting tutorials in the series on how to paint roses in Chinese brush painting.

The seven titles are:

1) Capture the Spirit of Autumn Roses (35min)  2010

2) How to Wield a Chinese Brush to Paint Roses(6min) 2007

3) Roses and Butterfly(10min) 2007

4) Hot Red Roses(9min) 2009

5) Red Rose w/ Moon(7min) 2009

6) Paint Life Pink Roses(13min) 2010

7) Outdoor Roses(8min)  2007


Thank you for watching it on YouTube! As you can see these are the most popular videos I have mde on Youtube with lots of positive feedbacks. By collecting them on a DVD you can play the lessons in slow motion and stop at any time to learn step by step to to paint roses.


I will personally sign each disk for your collection of this DVD.   


 time/length: 88 minutes


As Seen on YouTube!



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