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Chang Daichien to Picasso Ox-ear Hair Killer Brush Set[Picasso-Brush-Set]

The story says that this ox-ear hair brush was given to Pablo Picasso as a special gift by Chang Daichien(Zhang Daqian) during their publicized summit in Nice, France in 1956.


Piccasso and Chang Dachien




Chang Dachien was the first artist who invented this ox-ear brush idea and had them custom made for him. The ox-ear hair brush was considered as the best brush by master Chang and shared them with his best friends. Today it is still a rare treasure and perfect gift item.


This specialty brush is made of ox-ear hair with sharp points and long spring body so it can carry ink fully without dropping and deliver smooth lines without delay. It is great for doing cursive style calligraphy and freestyle painting. Good for bamboo and orchid, flowers and birds, rocks and mountains. 


Size Small: 1-9/16(4cm) L;  3/8"(0.9cm) diameter.

Size Large: 2-3/16(5.7cm) L;  7/16"(1.2cm) diameter


Brush handle 9" 

This limited edition is special ordered from my friend brush master Xu Laosan in China.


Both Both [Chang_Daichien_2] $65.00 Quantity :
L L [Chang_Daichien_L] $43.00 Quantity :
S S [Chang_Daichien_S] $33.00 Quantity :
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