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Collectible Goat Hair Brush with Curved Ox Horn Handle[hornbrush]

These large brushes were made of goat hair with a curved ox horn handle. It is designed for painting large paintings or bold strokes like lotus leaves or large character calligraphy. The traditional name for it is Jing-zhua or "Peking Grab", which has been used for hundreds of years, suggests that the brush is too heavy to hold in the normal way when loaded so the artist must "grab" the handle in the hand(see picture). It can also serve as a washing brush for large areas or background washes. It feels so great just grabbing it!


Brush Size: 1 - 3/8"(3.5cm) diameter, 3-3/4"(10cm) long;

Handle 6" height(curved) Handle color, shape, and size may vary from the picture. 


Please watch the following video to see Victoria doing a demo with a large brush like this(different handle).



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