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Collectible Rooster Feather Brush with Buddha Bamboo Handle[budd_feather]

Made of rooster feather, which is between soft and stiff, can produce very rich textured strokes. It comes with an extra long handle which is made of Buddha belly bamboo. Perfect for the "loosening-up" style of Sumi-e landscape paintings and fantastic for abstract or expressive rendering of flowers too. 


Feather: 2 1/2" L x 5/8" Diameter

Brush handle: 13" long (made of Buddha belly bamboo with natural knots which may vary from the pictures.)

As Seen on YouTube! 

I'd use different brush to achieve different effect. I keep a collections of more than 200 brushes for myself. The rooster feather brush is one of my favorite secret weapons.  It is very rare, so I have special ordered it for you and my students. It is really fun to paint with.

Unlike regular brushes with round pointed hair, this brush is so different that can produce very rich textured strokes. It is perfect for the "free" or "loosening-up" style of Sumi-e painting, especially suitable for landscape paintings. Please watch the following video to see this kind of brushes in action. 


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