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A Collection of 7 Yang Yuanwei's Painting Books[Yang_yuanwei]

There are seven art books in this collection of Yang Yuanwei's landscape paintings. Originally from Nanjing, China, currently lives in Chicago with his son and grandchildren, Mr Yang is an artist, well-versed in – and highly respectful of – traditional Chinese painting techniques and styles, who has traveled widely, studies Western art, and has created a unique and meaningful synthesis of the both Asian and Western traditions. He rejects neither the brush nor the poetic and evocative scene, so lovingly handled in Chinese art, yet appreciates and absorbs both the great cities and scenery of the Western world, and infuses his paintings with rich color and abstraction that creates a unique blend of both worlds. 


Included in this special collection are master Yang's 7 painting books and publications in the recent years. 


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