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Convenient Ink Cake with Case(second quality)[Ink_Box_RFB]

*This is the second quality item discounted for too many cracks with missing pieces(it could be resituated with glue or just water *). Order first quality ones here(original price $7.99).

This convenient ink cake is a perfect mate with BHA piston water brush pens for plein air or outdoor painting. It provides a long-lasting supply of ink. Unlike the ink stick, it does not require an ink stone to grind. To use, simply wet your brush with water and brush the ink cake lightly to load the ink. There are two brush adjustment areas with a small reservoir inside the box. The lidded box keeps ink from staining. It is convenient for traveling calligrapher and painter.

Unlike the traditional inkstick, no grinding is required with this ink cake - just brush it off to use with a water brush. Instead of loading ink into the reservoir of your water brush, this ink cake provides variable ink tonality and gradations, without the concern of ink spill.  


Box Size: 2-1/2“(6.5cm)

Ink Cake Size: 2"(5cm)


Made in Beijing, China


*Some TIPs on using the ink cake: Due to climate change the ink cake may have cracks. You may apply some hot water and leave it overnight which will glue them back together.  Before it cracks, you may apply a little water or glue to the bottom of ink cake to so it will stick to the box and prevent it from dropping off.


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