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Custom Silk Scroll Mounting of Your Artworks[custom_scroll_mount]

Interested in having your Chinese brush painting or sumi-e mounted into a scroll? 

This scroll mounting service is for new or unmounted artworks only(sorry we don't do restoration of an old scroll.) We use traditional wet mounting technique and silk brocade materials. To order the service, you need to place the order according to the overall size of the scroll you like to have. Here is the formula: 

Scroll Length" x Width" divided by 144

*round it up to the square feet.

**there is a minimum price for scrolls smaller than 6 square feet.


For example, the sample scroll as seen in the picture is 60" x 22.5"  = 9.375" so it was counted as 10 square feet.

The original painting in above example is 30" x 17.5"

Inner margin: There is a light color silk around the painting. 2.5" on the left and right, and 4" on the top and bottom.

Outer Margin: There are two dark silk brocade panels. 13" on the very top and 8" on the very bottom. 

Besides hanging scrolls, you may also mount the painting with silk margin without dowel and knobs so that you can frame it.  


If you need help to calculate your scroll size, please contact us with the size of your original painting. 


After you order please mail your original artwork to us with tracking number and we do the color selections for you and it has it done here in a professional mounting shop in LA. Due to the nature of the fabric, it is hard to show the silk brocade color and texture in photos so we will work with a mounting master to determine the colors for you. Thank you for your trust in our artistic taste. If you have any special instructions please let us know in your order comment.  

Turn around time: 30 days.  

Domestic shipping included. International shipping is extra.

If your original painting is on silk or other fabric such as giclee an extra charge is required. Please contact us if you have any questions.   


*Due to the nature of the scroll, some waving is common when it's just unrolled and it will become flattened after hanging for a while. All scrolls are shipped in a cardboard tube. You may order separate wood box. 

As seen on YouTube!



Is your original art on silk?:
If yes, extra labor is required.

Mono or Dual Color Silk:
Do you want to have single or double colored silk margin?

Scroll Knobs:
Do you want upgrade to hard wood knob?

Scroll Szie:
L x W /144(inch including margins)

Quantity :
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