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Double Sided Japanese Ink Stone Made of Bakelite[Plastic_Ink_Stone]

This new design of Japanese inkstone is double-sided with dual functions for inkstick and bottled ink!

It is made of bakelite(Hard Plastic) and the surface is coated with a spray of fine steel powder for grinding traditional inksticks; if you use liquid Sumi-e inks from bottle you will find this inkstone a very useful ink palette. The face is just like a typical Japanese inkstone and the back is lined with a non-slip lining(PET) can also be used as a well of ink(see picture). 

A good reason to have a inkstone even for use with bottled ink is that you may grinding the ink from bottle with a inkstick to make a high quality ink paste. This is a trick I learned from my teacher Master Zhang. He would mix bottled ink and some water then grind it with inkstick. This will not only save lots of time also improves the quality of ready-made liquid ink.


Material/Main Body: Bakelite (Hard Plastic); Whole surface coating: Steel iron powder spray; Non-slip lining at the bottom: PET


5 3/8" Length x 2 7/8" Width x 3/4" Depth

(135 x 75 x h20mm)

Light Weight: 110g(4 oz)  Easy to carry.



  • Both sides are usable. You may use the face as an inkstone for grinding inkstick, and the back as a well of ink.
  • The inkstone has a powder spray coated surface and the whole body surface is treated specially teated to facilitae fine grinding of inksticks.
  • Ideal for student and enthusiasts to practice calligraphy or painting.
  • Made of lightweight durable material that is not easily broken.
  • The back used as a well of ink is lined with a non-slip lining to ensure safe and easy use. 


Design and Produced for Daiso Japan(OEMed in China). Imported from Japan. We ship world-wide from California, USA.


*Ink and inkstone are two of the four precious things in a traditional Chinese scholar's studio(The other two are brush and paper).

Inkstones are an acquired taste like several other facets of Chinese culture. They are generally black or dark in color and do not draw the attention of the eye. Their beauty oftentimes is not so much in how they look but in how they work together with inkstick. It is literally a stone mortar for the grinding and containment of ink.


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