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Gift Painting 033 As a Wooden Rooster[GP-033]

Title: As Still as Wooden Rooster  (呆若木鸡)

Date Created: 2016 by Henry Li
Medium: Sumi ink and Watercolor on single Xuan rice paper(unmounted)

Size: 17 1/2" x 13 1/2"  


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   It is in un-mounted condition, not ready framing. You may order mounting service here    



 呆若木鸡 is a Chinese idiom, literally "dumb as a wooden rooster". It means a high level of concentration. The story goes back to the Spring and Autumn period, about a man named 纪子 (Jì zi) who was an expert in the field of training roosters for cock-fighting. Well aware of his talents, the king of the Qi hired Ji Zi to train a cock for him. Every 10 days, the king would contact Ji Zi to inquire about the status of his fighting bird. After 40 days had passed the king was sick of waiting, so he paid Ji Zi a visit. Much to his delight, he was informed that the rooster was ready to rumble. For its first fight, the bird was pitted against the king’s prize-fighter, which drew a huge crowd to the brawl. As the two cocks entered the arena, Ji Zi’s bird stood unfazed, starring straight ahead with its eyes fixated on its opponent. It seemed as if this rooster was actually made of wood, and this terrified the other bird. From then on, no other rooster would dare step in the ring with Ji Zi’s bird.

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