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Golden Xuan Rice Paper Sized 54x27[Golden_Xuan]

Sold in 5 or 10 bundle.
  • This specialty rice paper is died in gold on front side, suitable for painting or writing in opaque colors, such as golden or white, stone green and blue, vermilion and cinnabar, good for free or elaborated style of painting or calligraphy.
  • It is sized(none absorbent), single ply weight. It can also be used for mounting or matting, book binding, paper cutting and collage. 
  • Traditionally handmade
  • PH neutral and archival, will not fade or bleed. 
Paper Size: 54"x27"(138cm x 70cm).
x1 sheet x1 sheet [Golden_Xuan_1] $8.00 Quantity :
x10 Sheets x10 Sheets [Golden_Xuan_10] $65.00 Quantity :
x5 Sheets x5 Sheets [Golden_Xuan_5] $35.00 Quantity :
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