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Handbound Rice Paper Stab Binding Sumi Sketch Books[Sketchbook]

This handbound booklet is made of fine rice paper in a traditional Chinese bookbinding technique. It is mainly used for seal imprints and may also be used as a artist notebook or sketchbook.  I use it to show my seal engraving art album as you can see in this YouTube video(8:11). I also carry them as my plein air sumi-sketch book as I treval around.

The booklet comes in two sizes:

Small 5-1/4"x 7-7/8" (13cm x 20cm) with 25 double-fold leaves or 50 pages. $5.99
Large 6-1/4" x10-1/8" (16cm x 26cm)
with 25 double-fold leaves or 50 pages. $8.99


It is made with unsized fine rice paper with no printed lines. It has a piece of protection paper inserted in between the double rice-paper pages(see picture below). You may use it for whatever purposes such as seal imprint collection, sumi sketchbook,  or guestbook.



Chinese Bookbinding as Seen On YouTube!



SM SM [13x20cm] $6.99 Quantity :
LG LG [16x26cm] $9.99 Quantity :
Both Both [sm&lg] $14.99 Quantity :
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