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Lesson 14: Scots Pine and Squirrel

In this 2 hour class Henry presented three demos on the subject of pine. (*To join Henry Li's online Chinese brush painting class, please click here . )


This video class starts with an inspiring plein air demo in which Henry painted a giant scots pine at Mt Idyllwild. Then, Henry returns to the studio and developed the plein air sketch  into a landscape painting. Last,  Henry painted a free-style painting with scots pine and a squirrel on single Xuan rice paper.


1) Find a real pine tree or bonsai of any size as your life model. If you cannot find any, use any pictures of pine as reference. Try to develop a better mind image while looking at your reference pine. Think of the tree as a person. Keep the keyword "gesture" in mind and imagine the sequence of stroke order before your brush touch the paper. Your painting gesture should corresponds to that of the tree;

2) Compose a landscape painting with the pine tree on assignment (1).

3)Paint a close up scots pine with squirrel.


Three finished paintings in this DVD are included handouts with the finished paintings in this class.



*This is the Download version. Click here to order the DVD version .


Here is a MTV trailer of Part 1 on YouTube:


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