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Henry Li's Chinese Painting Class Video(19) DOWNLOAD[Download_L_19]

Lesson 19 is about how to paint misty mountains in Neo-Fu Baoshi style, featuring Zhu Yanmo, a young Chinese landscape painting master. I will show you how to take advantage of the old split brushes to paint misty landscapes as Yanmo does. I will also show you a new approach to Fu Baoshi style landscape painting on mulberry paper or semi-sized Xuan.  (*To join Henry Li's online Chinese brush painting class, please click here . )

This lesson include several landscape painting demos on mulberry #2 paper and one on stonebridge Xuan sized paper.

Video Length: 2 hours


1) Discussion question(online class only): What's the difference between clouds and mist? How to paint them?  

2) Paint a misty landscape in neo-Fu Baoshi style techniques after one of Zhu Yanmo's sample paintings in Lesson 19 handouts.



All copy sample and finished paintings seen in the video are included in the handouts.


This is the Download version. Click here to order the DVD version .


Here is the the introduction part of Lesson 19. Enjoy watching!


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