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Iron-on Rim Supporting Strips for Dry Mounting[iron-on_strips]

Known as Zhu-tiao(supporting strip in the mounting and framing shop, this supporting strip is very commonly used in traditional Chinese silk scroll mounting or framing. It comes in brown color with silicone heat-sensitive adhesive on the back side. You may use it as supporting edge strip around the edges of the original painting before attach silk margins and leave 1-1.5mm between the painting and the silk brocade margin. And you can use it as rim strip to wrap the edge of the silk scroll as a finishing touch.  


We have two color available in different widths:



7mm wide x 50m long 

8mm wide x 50m long 

10mm wide x 50m long 


2)Cappuccino (light brown)

3mm wide 50m long 

5mm wide 50m long

8mm wide 50m Long


 As Seen on YouTube


9mm Coffee 9mm Coffee [10mmx50m_brn] $7.99 Quantity :
3mm Cappuccino 3mm Cappuccino [3mmx50m_cap] $7.99 Quantity :
5mm Cappuccino 5mm Cappuccino [5mmx50m_cap] $7.99 Quantity :
7mm Coffee 7mm Coffee [7mm_x50m_brn] $7.99 Quantity :
8mm Cappuccino 8mm Cappuccino [8mmx50m_cap] $7.99 Quantity :
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