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10x 2 Large Waterbrush Pens Piston Filler(WS)[fountain2]

Compared with squeezable barrel waterbrush or aquabrush:

 Our Piston Fountain Brush Pen  Squeezable Barrel WaterBrushes
Easy to Fill  Yes No
Flow Control Precise control by piston knob
 No control device, to much water flow


 Similar to traditional brush Too stiff and springing,not flexible

Designed for Sumi-e

or Calligraphy

 Yes No


The end of brush handle is the piston knob which is used not only to fill the reservoir, but also controls the flow or releasing water. Like "regular" brushes, you may use them painting either inside or outside. Perfect for sumi or watercolor paintings, and ideal for waterbrush for half pans, watercolor pencils, soluble crayons, and pastels.

This set comes with two kinds of bristles:
1. 10x LG Bamboo and Orchid Wolf Hair Stiff Brush B30
This classic stiff hair brush is made of a blend of 90% weasel hair and 10% Rabbit hair(for better moisture holding). As it's name suggests, it is good for painting classical subject matters such as bamboo and orchid.
Brush Tip size: 1-1/4"L, 5/16" D; Brush Length: 8"

2. 10x A Long-handled Goat & Wolf Combination Hair Water Brush C20:
It is made of 100% natural sheep hair. A very useful soft hair for washes using side brush strokes. In Chinese it is called Baiyun or "white-cloud" brush, which is suitable to paint flower petals, birds feathers, and other large scale color washes.
Brush tip size: 1-3/8"L, 3/8" D; Brush Length: 8 1/4"

*You may also order one pair at retail price.

**The brush is very easy to clean, just squeeze out some water and brush it on a paper towel. Main care tip for the water brushes would be to clean and drain them before storing them when they are not going to be used for a while.



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